Astra Scheduler Updated

Astra icon imageIn July, the Astra Scheduler system was updated. The change significantly improved the performance and reaction of the system for end users. Astra is used across campus for academic scheduling, SIS integration, event management, enterprise calendaring, and more.

All campus users have guest access (no login) for Astra, which allows them to search for rooms using specific criteria to determine which rooms are available. If a room meets a user’s needs, a Room/Space Request Form is completed and sent to Facilities Reservations.

Users will be happy to know that not only does Astra respond faster, but a number of changes made the system easier to use:

The scheduling grids were re-designed to improve overall performance loading and usability. 

  • Color coding was added to the calendar and scheduling grid to make viewing information on event status, event type, and other categories easier.
  • Column customization was added to the scheduling grids. Users can now filter by room, building, type of room, and capacity.
  • Users can now easily print scheduling grids.
  • Customizable criteria are now available on the scheduling grids.

Image of calendar configuration

Users (with scheduling access) can add a Quick Event by selecting a date or time on the scheduling grids:

Image of scheduling grid

Such a selection results in a pop-up window for a Quick Event:

Image of Quick Event screen

For additional information on Astra Scheduler, refer to the Academic Publishing and Scheduling Systems (APSS) website or attend one of the Astra for Room Availability trainings listed on the Development and Training System (DTS) calendar.