Mass Hired as Articulation Officer

Kara Maas was hired as the campus articulation officer following the retirement of Kathryn Barth in December 2014. Maas came from the Office of Planning, Resource Allocation, and Evaluations (PRAE) in Academic Affairs. Her experience working with curriculum while in PRAE provided her with a strong working knowledge that has allowed her to jump right into the articulation officer role.

Maas originally came to Chico State in June 2007 as a transcript technician in the Student Records and Registration office. After working in Records for four months, she was hired in Accounts Payable as an Accounting Technician where she worked for over three years. Maas then worked in PRAE for almost four years where she worked on curriculum, academic program review, and Photo of couple on beach renewing vowsbudget. Returning to the Office of the Registrar has brought her full-circle.

Maas is married to Curtis Maas who works as a carpenter in Facilities Management Services (FMS). The couple met in 2007 after interviewing for different positions in FMS. Curtis’ father, Henry Maas, was chair of the search committee that interviewed Kara. Her uncle, Mike Bates, was chair of the search committee that interviewed Curtis. Following the searches (Curtis was hired and Kara was not), the two chairs put their heads together and decided the two had to meet.

Photo of Maas with Giants playersShortly after, Maas was at her grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary dinner and her uncle mentioned Curtis. Maas agreed to meet him, but it couldn’t be a one-on-one setup. After dinner, some of the family went to play dominos and continue spending time together. Her uncle snuck into the bathroom and called Curtis to come over. “This is your opportunity,” he told Curtis. Even though he had other plans, Curtis changed those plans and showed up. Three months later the couple got engaged and were married a year later in 2008.

Maas is a huge country music concert and San Francisco Giants fan. She loves Kenny Chesney and was able to celebrate her last birthday at his concert where she was able to meet a couple Giants players to top off the night. She and her husband attend at least 3–4 country concerts a year. She admits they have seen Chesney in concert every year since they met except for years he wasn’t on tour. Quite the fans indeed!

Photo of Maas and daughterIn June 2011, the couple were blessed with their daughter, Sophie, who is now in pre-school. The family enjoys traveling, going to concerts, spending time with family (especially Uncle Mike and Grandpa Henry), and outdoor activities such as camping, kayaking, paddle boarding, and fishing.

Maas is working on various projects new to the articulation position, including: articulating CourseMatch and AB386 courses; the Photo of Maas familyrollover to ASSIST NextGen; going paperless with articulation; and updating articulation rules in PeopleSoft. With funding from the Chancellor’s Office to support some of these newly required activities, Maas hopes to hire a student soon to assist her with the workload associated with these projects. With the rollout of ASSIST NextGen, Maas is hoping to use some of the functions of the new program to provide better information to the campus community. 

Even though she is busy on her numerous projects, Maas would love to have you stop by and say hello. Be sure to ask her if she has any other relatives on campus.