Vargas New Public Contact Specialist

Photo of Vargas

The Office of the Registrar hired Azucena “Suzy” Vargas as a front counter public contact specialist in June. Vargas had worked in the Office of the Registrar both as a student assistant and as a temporary employee for a number of years before her recent hire.

Since she is in a very public position, Vargas is often recognized by students as she walks around campus. Her job is to assist students with a variety of issues, ranging from simple directions to more complicated issues with registration or records. Because students can see she is friendly and enjoys helping them, they often expect her to remember them when she runs into them. She wishes she could, but admits that is almost impossible due to the large volume of students the Office of the Registrar assists.

Photo of graduation paraphenaliaA California State University, Chico graduate who completed a double major in political science and Spanish in May 2014, Vargas’ next educational goal is to attend law school at the Santa Clara University School of Law. She is currently taking a prep course twice a week for three months in Sacramento to prepare her for taking the LSAT in December 2015.

Vargas grew up in Hamilton City with two sisters and a brother. Her siblings are all married with children and she enjoys teaching her eight nephews and nieces—three new babies jointed the family this year alone—a variety of things, including how to speak Spanish. They have lovingly nick named her Tia Loca because “I am the crazy aunt that is always playing with them as if I was their age,” Vargas said. “I keep them well entertained.“

During her senior year at Hamilton Union High School, Vargas’ senior project was on immigration law. Her hope is to continue to focus on immigration issues once she has her law degree. As director of the Community Legal Information Center (CLIC) during 2013-14, she focused on worker’s rights and supporting student interns. Her desire to help others does not stop there.

Vargas volunteered for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), helps at the Catholic Church in Hamilton City where her father is a deacon, works at the community carnival in Hamilton City organized by the church, assists at farm laborer events, and interned at CLIC for one year before becoming the director for a year.

Photo of Study Abroad studentsAs a student at Chico State, Vargas was able to participate in the Spanish department’s summer study abroad program through the Foreign Study Program (FORSPRO). She spent a month in Madrid at a convent where the students lived upstairs and the nuns were on downstairs.

Vargas said study abroad was a great experience. It was the first time she had ever been on a plane and she ended up boarding eight planes in a month. She also reconnected with an old childhood friend. Her Chico State student group was known as the “cuatro gatos locos” (four wildcats) to other FORSPRO program participants.

Vargas may be busy at the front counter, but she will always have a smile for anyone who stops by to say hello.