Wildcat Action Center

The Wildcat Action Center was implemented in December 2014 as a collaborative effort between the Office of the Registrar, Information Resources, the Office of Admissions, the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office, and Student Financial Services as a way to provide critical and actionable messages to students.

Image of Wilcat Action Center web page

The primary focus of these messages is to deliver information critical to academic success, progression, and retention directly to students who can then take immediate action to address the information presented in the message. 

During the pilot phase, the Wildcat Action Center (WAC) has been used to notify students about balances due and faculty-assigned incomplete contracts. 

  • Student Financial Services notified more than 1,900 students about past due balances that may have resulted in their classes being dropped. More than 60 percent of these students viewed the message in their Portal. This provided students an additional venue of communication and notified them to make payments before being dropped from their classes. 

  • Office of the Registrar notified 474 students about incomplete grades and incomplete contracts assigned by faculty that needed to be reviewed and accepted by students. More than 90 percent of the students viewed the message in their Portal accounts. More than half used the link provided to review the terms of the contract in the Student Center. These messages will continue to be displayed in a student’s Portal unless the student selects a Dismiss Option. 

 Additional departments are developing messages that will be displayed in the Wildcat Action Center.

IT Support Services (ITSS) maintains a Wildcat Action Center page that is easily accessed from the ABOUT link in the Wildcat Action Center. The page explains the color coding for messages, provides instructions to the student on what steps to take, and shows examples of what types of messages may appear in their Portal.

Image of Wildcat Action Center color coding

If you would like additional information on the Wildcat Action Center, please check out the Governance, Policies, and Scope information or contact the Office of the Registrar at (530) 898-5142.