Hobson's AgileGrad E-Advising

As part of the Chancellor’s Office e-advising initiative and in support of a long-term campus-wide goal, Academic Advising Programs (AAP) implemented Hobson’s AgileGrad e-advising system in December 2014.

AgileGrad provides a variety of functions, including:  a drop-in queue management module, a robust advising appointment scheduling module, student advising record and history database, along with metric and statistical reporting.

Students who visit AAP during drop-in hours can login to the drop-in queue using their student portal account. The student provides some basic information, including their specific advising need, and are immediately added to the queue for seeing an advisor. Below is an example of what a student sees when they log into the Advising Queue.

Agile Grad Advising Queue image

The queue provides advising staff with the student name, student ID, reason for the visit, as well as the time they logged in. From the entry in the queue, an advisor can link to a student’s record. This allows the advisor to review a student’s academic information, as well as any previous advising notes, before a student is sitting in front of them.

Agile Grad Adv queue image

The system is designed to track every advising interaction with a student. Everything from email correspondence, meetings with advisors, courses taken, advising recommendations, and more can be stored and reviewed to aid in determining the specific needs of a student. This greatly enhances an advisor’s ability to get to the heart of a student’s issue quickly and effectively. With AgileGrad, all advising notes and other communication records for each student are available for any advisor to view, thus making advising across campus much more effective.

The dashboard feature makes AgileGrad easy to use. There are also search features that make finding information quick and easy. For instance, you can search the database by a student ID, a first name, or a last name.  You can even search the advising notes for key words.

Agile Grad dashboard image

AgileGrad also has customizable reporting capabilities. A department can run statistics for any given time period to view how many students were seen, how many hours, what type of advising was requested, and much more. The information is sortable and exportable for easy reporting.
After only a few months, AAP is discovering how powerful the reporting capabilities really are.

Guidelines and training are currently being developed to ensure that FERPA requirements are followed. Any advisor interested in using the AgileGrad e-advising system should contact Kelly McGregor in AAP by email (kmcgregor@csuchico.edu) to schedule a demo of the system and assistance with implementing AgileGrad for you and/or your department.