Academic Evaluations’ Easy Button

Academic Evaluations in the Office of the Registrar has established a process that allows degrees to be awarded to a significant number of students with the push of what staff are calling the “Easy Button.” 

Easy Button imageThere are a couple steps that must take place before the “Easy Button” is executed, but only a few. 

First, the Student Records and Registration staff must finish the grading process (process repeats, academic standing, etc.) This is generally completed about three weeks after the official graduation dates of May 31, Aug. 31 or Dec. 31.

A PeopleSoft process is then run that generates Degree Progress Reports (DPRs) for students who have applied for graduation. If a student’s DPR has all green check marks indicating they have met all requirements, they are awarded their degree. 

Image of degree audit screen

The degree award process has been used for the past four semesters, including summer terms. The process has successfully cleared about two-thirds of all graduation applicants. This has greatly reduced the amount of manual review required by academic evaluators, providing them with the ability to assist more students and complete their remaining workload quickly and efficiently.  Academic evaluators advise students about graduation requirements, prepare initial graduation evaluations, process transfer credit, and update the DPR to accurately reflect all advisor requested substitutions.   

The awarding of degrees using the “Easy Button” is just one of the many benefits of the DPR.

Making students aware of all remaining requirements for the completion of their degree is another welcome feature of the DPR. Instead of applying to graduate and finding out right before commencement they are missing a course, students are notified early enough so they can adjust their class schedule.

The improved process is straightforward and the results are huge.

Photo of Academic EvaluatorsEvaluators now run a report to identify students who applied to graduate but still have outstanding requirements (red boxes) in the DPR.  An email is then sent to any applicable students during the add/drop period suggesting they review their DPR. This provides them with ample time to determine if they can add additional courses, request substitutions, or change their graduation date to another term. 

Both processes help students finish requirements and receive their degree in a timely fashion. It also helps some students avoid that “one more semester.”