New Degree Audit Program AA/S

Matt Nyby was hired in October as a degree audit analyst for the Degree Audit Program (DGAP) in the Office of the Registrar. 

Photo of Matt NybyNyby’s main focus since his arrival in DGAP has been the Smart Planner implementation and rollout.  The planner involves creating a customizable student plan based off of the four-year major academic plans (MAPS) for all of CSU, Chico’s academic programs.

Smart Planner will allow students to monitor and adjust their progress through GE, major, and minor requirements while allowing them to prioritize their graduation in four years or two years for transfer students. This involves a great deal of analysis due to the vast number of scenarios that must be considered for each major and minor.

The DGAP staff are working on entering data college by college, program by program, and the intent is to have everything completed by the end of this summer.

In addition to the planner, updating PeopleSoft for the new catalog is also a top priority for Nyby during the next several months. He is excited about new roles he will be taking on as the year progresses.

Originally from the Redding area, Nyby graduated from CSU, Chico in 2002 with a degree in psychology. His employment at CSU, Chico began through an internship in Academic Advising Programs (AAP). He strongly believes the knowledge and experience he gained working in AAP was beneficial to his developing career path and professional achievements.

After working in AAP for three years, Nyby was hired in the Liberal Studies (LBST) office in 2005 as a graduate assistant to create the LBST website and informational brochures. He later moved into a student services coordinator position at our Redding location before rejoining AAP as an advisor to help implement the MAPs for the 2009-11 catalogs.

Photo of Matt Nyby runningDuring his time in Redding, Nyby met his wife-to-be. Katie’s infectious zeal for running got him into distance running, something he would’ve never have imagined himself doing. This ultimately transitioned into an occupational change when he was hired to manage the Fleet Feet Sports sales floor for six years.

He enjoyed the position at Fleet Feet because he was able to get involved with the analysis of a person’s gait, finding solutions for all of the issues surrounding running, and working with customers dealing with an assortment of injuries. Nyby found that the atmosphere at Fleet Feet was similar to his time in AAP, where he was allowed to truly help solve problems, answer questions, and provide guidance to those in need.

Nyby and his wife have participated in many activities together, including hiking and half-marathons. When they decided to run a full marathon (26.2 miles), Nyby knew this offered a unique way to propose.

Nyby knew better than to propose at the end of the race because he had heard that, “girls do not necessarily want to be proposed to when they are all sweaty and gross.”

He made sure to give her time to shower and get cleaned up. Then he set her down to massage her feet and pulled out a special bottle of wine with a unique label he had customized that read “WillYouMarryMe Zinfandel” across a photo of them atop Mt. Lassen.

Photo of Matt Nyby and wifeNyby and his wife continue to participate in outdoor activities and athletic events such as the Tough Mudder, a 12.5 mile run filled with military-inspired obstacles.  He has also participated in Spartan Races, which are designed to test your limits and can be very difficult, which Nyby calls “fun.”

If you get a chance, stop in and ask Nyby about his next obstacle run. I am sure you will enjoy hearing about it and getting to know him.