Smart Planner News

In our fall 2014 EMS E-News issue, we introduced you to the Smart Planner. We are happy to report that there is excellent progress being made on the Smart Planner front.

Over 600 CSU, Chico students have used the Smart Planner tool since it went live in October of this past year. The current list of live majors/minors and departments are: 

  • Accounting (undecided)
  • Accounting with certificate
  • Accounting without certificate
  • Agricultural Science Education option
  • Child Development majors and minors
  • Animal Science
  • Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Communication Studies: option in Organizational Communication
  • Geography and Planning majors and minors
  • Psychology
  • Social Science breadth
  • Social Science breadth (online)
  • Social Work
  • Sociology
  • Sociology minor
  • Sociology (online)

Degree Audit Program (DGAP) data analysts are working quickly to complete the entry of additional majors to allow all CSU, Chico students access to the Smart Planner tool in the coming months.

Another exciting development is that the Smart Planner is now integrated with Wildcat Scheduler!

Image of Wildcat Schedule web page

If a student has activated the Smart Planner in the portal, and is eligible to enroll in a specific semester, they can simply import the classes listed in their planner into Wildcat Scheduler automatically. It’s that easy!

Check out our Smart Planner website.  You can access informational- and how-to-videos, read the FAQ page, and watch for news on additional plans for more majors!