AVP Corner

Photo of Barbara Fortin at Choose ChicoAnother semester is coming to a close and the 2015–16 academic year is wrapping up. One would think the end would bring with it a sense of closure. Not in Enrollment Management Services (EMS).

Staff in our units (Academic Advising Programs, Office of Admissions, Financial Aid and Scholarship Office, and Office of the Registrar) work well beyond Commencement and throughout the summer. Much of the activity is focused on preparing for the next academic year, including projects such as the second to third year persistence project, improving support for faculty advising, FAFSA changes, and the search for a University Registrar, cannot be put on hold.

Enjoy meeting our new EMS staff highlighted in this newsletter, and read about some of the significant efforts going on in our offices, including another successful Choose Chico! event and TEACH Grants.

As always, our efforts are intended to improve our procedures and services to better serve the campus community. All comments and suggestions are encouraged.

Barbara Fortin
Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management Services