Martinez Fills Advisor Opening

Photo of Gabriela MartinezGabriela Martinez, a Chico State graduate, was one of two advisors hired recently in the Office of Admissions. But Chico State was not her first choice for colleges to attend. Martinez was actually looking at going to another CSU campus before she visited Chico State.

During her senior year at Coachella Valley High School, Martinez was encouraged to participate in the Catch-a-Dream program. The program paid to fly six students and a parent, her father, up to Chico to visit the campus and community. Martinez was actually one of the participants of the inaugural campus visit organized by the Chico State Student Success Center (CSSC) and Catch-a-Dream Program partnership.

Photo of Martinez FamilyBoth Martinez and her father loved Chico and the campus. They felt it had a similar feel to their home town. The visit moved Chico State to her first preference for college choices. She was briefly dismayed upon receiving a letter of expulsion, especially since she had not yet been accepted by Chico State. Fortunately, a phone call from the campus shortly after notified her of the error and that she had indeed been accepted.

Photo of Martinez with friendIn 2008, Martinez and three other Coachella Valley students arrived in Chico and started attending classes. One of them was her best friend who eventually graduated from Chico State alongside Martinez.

After graduating with a degree in political science, Martinez went to work for CSU, Dominguez Hills as an evaluator where she enjoyed helping students and making them aware of their options. When she had a chance to come to work for Chico State, she jumped at the opportunity and is enjoying being back in Chico and working in the Office of Admissions.

Even though the Martinez’s family has been in Coachella for a long time, they have embraced Chico, and a second Martinez, her sister Stephanie, is now attending Chico State. After living with Martinez while attending Butte College, Stephanie’s transition to Chico State was an easy one to make.

Photo of Martinez drivingMartinez enjoys working out at the WREC, reading, dancing, cooking, and trying new things. She also enjoys going on road trips, some to nearby places such as Sacramento and San Francisco, but others have taken her to Portland, Seattle, and even as far as Nebraska. If you need someone to join you for a long drive, check with Martinez, she just might be willing to drive you where you need to go.