TEACH Grants

The Financial Aid and Scholarship Office (FASO) has been working on awarding Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) grants to eligible Chico State students. A TEACH grant requires specific criteria be met for a program of study to be “TEACH-grant-eligible,” or the grant turns into a loan.

The objectives of the TEACH grant program are 

  1. to increase CSU participation in TEACH
  2. to minimize TEACH grant conversions to loans among CSU teacher candidate graduates
  3. to significantly expand knowledge of federal loan cancellation programs for teachers

An eligible program of study would be one that prepares a student to become a teacher in a high-need field. The result is generally a teaching credential or master’s degree. Each school determines which of their programs are TEACH-grant-eligible, and students need to confirm what those programs are at the campuses they are considering attending.

The 2015–16 California State Budget Act appropriated permanent annual funding in the amount of $200,000 to the CSU system. The funds were provided to support activities that increase awareness of federal financial aid programs for teachers such as the TEACH Grant. Chico State’s total allocation was $8,800, and was split evenly between FASO and the School of Education.

Chico State was identified by the Chancellor’s Office last year as a campus with TEACH Grant participation rates among the highest in the system. This was due in large part to the collaborative strategies the School of Education and FASO implemented for student identification, advising, communication, and access to information for the TEACH grant. The offices continue to work in collaboration as they endeavor to provide students with the best information regarding the TEACH grant program.

The CSU’s goal for 2015–16 is to at least double the TEACH grants awarded across the system from a baseline of 400 (from 2014–15). To do this, it will be important for all campuses to participate in the TEACH program. These efforts have been assisted substantially by the US Department of Education’s designating many disciplines in California as teacher shortage areas and therefore eligible for TEACH grants. These include special education, bilingual education, math, science, English/drama/humanities, history social science, and foreign languages.

You can learn more about the TEACH program at the federal web site:


For a list of TEACH-eligible programs at CSU, Chico, please visit the Chico State FASO TEACH grant webpage at http://www.csuchico.edu/fa/typesOfAid/grants/types/teach.shtml