Exchange Email Online Migration

What is the Exchange Online Migration?

Microsoft Exchange is CSU, Chico’s faculty and staff email service (student email is GMail-based and is unaffected by this change). Up to the present time, Information Resources has been hosting Exchange on campus, with our own email servers and hardware.

In accordance with the IT Strategic Plan, CSU, Chico will be moving to Exchange Online, a cloud-based service that will eliminate expensive on site hardware and offer much larger mailbox storage capacity for users.

I’m a student. How will this affect me?

Student email is offered through GMail and will be unaffected by this change.

I’m a staff or faculty member. How will this affect me?

Your mailbox will be migrated to Exchange Online. Overall, your email experience should be exactly as it is now, but once your mailbox has migrated you’ll notice several things:

  • Your Outlook email software will appear to be disconnected from the email server. Wait a minute, then restart Outlook. It should automatically detect the new settings. Once it connects, restart Outlook one more time.
  • Mobile devices may stop receiving email. You may need to delete your CSU, Chico email account from your phone or tablet, and recreate it with the new settings. Refer to the instructions for configuring your mobile device for more information.
  • Outlook public folders will not be migrated to the cloud and will not be accessible after the migration. You should move content in public folders to Bay and plan to migrate calendar or contact resources stored in public folders to new cloud mailboxes after the migration.
  • You will have 50Gb of mailbox storage (as opposed to the 1Gb of current storage).

Can I continue using Outlook 2010 or do I have to upgrade to Outlook 2013?

Yes, it is possible to continue using Office 2010 but your mileage will vary as time goes on. We recommend that PC users upgrade to Outlook 2013 for the best performance. Mac users should upgrade to Outlook 2011. For some of the early adopters, Outlook 2010 handled the migration just fine.  For others, some unpredictable things happened.  Emails were not lost but some had to rebuild their user profiles or go through repeated logins, etc. 

The early adopters that are on Outlook 2013 have moved without issues.  Keep in mind the new features in Exchange Online are in place for Outlook 2013.  When Exchange server version 2016/17 is released, we will get moved to the new version automatically, and at that point Outlook 2010 may have issues.  This is why we are recommending users migrate to Office 2013 now.

Why are we migrating Exchange to the Cloud?

CSU, Chico is migrating staff and faculty email services to the cloud for a number of reasons, including:

  • Decreased hardware and maintenance costs 
  • Greater reliability
  • Stronger email virus and spam protection
  • Larger mailboxes (50Gb instead of 1Gb)

When will it happen?

The Exchange migration will occur during the summer of 2015.

The actual migration of user mailboxes to the cloud is managed by Microsoft services. CSU, Chico will submit a request to migrate our mail services to Microsoft. This request will be added to their queue and it will be processed according to their schedule. As a result, we do not know the exact date or time that your mailbox will be migrated to the cloud. Check back for updated dates as we get closer to the migration.


Migration Schedule

The Exchange migration will occur during the summer of 2015, but exact dates for the migration have not yet been set. Please check back for updated information.