What is the Exchange Migration?

Microsoft Exchange is CSU, Chico’s faculty and staff email service (student email is GMail-based and is unaffected by this change). Up to the present time, Information Resources has been hosting Exchange on campus, with our own email servers and hardware.

In accordance with the IT Strategic Plan, CSU, Chico will be moving to Exchange Online, a cloud-based service that will eliminate expensive on site hardware and offer much larger mailbox storage capacity for users.

All of your email and calendar items currently stored on our on-campus servers will be automatically migrated to Microsoft's Exchange Online service. Locally stored archive files (.pst) will not be migrated and will remain on your local computer.

Why are we migrating Exchange to the Cloud?

CSU, Chico is migrating staff and faculty email services to the cloud for a number of reasons, including:

  • Decreased hardware and maintenance costs 
  • Greater reliability
  • Stronger email virus and spam protection
  • Larger mailboxes (50Gb instead of 1Gb)