Emergency Preparedness Training

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), a division of the Department of Homeland Security, provides information and resources to assist in the planning, preparation, and mitigation actions needed to effectively prepare for and respond to disasters.

Cal OES, the Governor's Office of Emergency Services, provides valuable information to help individuals, cities, and counties be better prepared for emergencies and disasters.

The Butte County Office of Emergency Management provides a comprehensive Emergency Management Program supporting all functions of emergency management to build disaster resistant.


This course is an introduction to the Emergency Preparedness Program at the University.  The course briefly covers employee's potential roles in an emergency, the campus' Emergency Operations Center (EOC), the Incident Command Structure, the National Incident Management System, as well as, the Standardized Emergency Management System.

CSU, Chico Emergency Management Orientation (Online Training)

Assisting People with Disabilities During an Emergency (Online Training) 
This presentation is intended to assist in the collaborative efforts of faculty, staff, and students in the effective evacuation of persons with disabilities during an emergency and to mitigate emergency situations before they occur.