2014 Summer Fire Extinguisher Training

The Department of Environmental Health and Safety is pleased to announce that we provide "hands on" fire extinguisher training to the Campus community.


Our training includes a review of fire extinguisher types and their appropriate applications, as well as, information regarding when it is appropriate to use an extinguisher, when it is not safe to attempt to extinguish a fire and will learn and practice the correct method to discharge a fire extinguisher.  Each participant will have the opportunity to extinguish a fire using water based extinguishers and our Bullex live fire training system while being guided by the instructor.

A person who has been trained in the use of a fire extinguisher can be up to 70% more effective in extinguishing a small fire than a person who has not been trained.  This training course will help ensure that, if needed, you will be successful in extinguishing a small fire.

Note:  CSU, Chico employees* are not expected to or required to extinguish fires.  The most important action during a fire emergency is to evacuate the area or building, activate the fire alarm system if needed, and call 911.   *Exception - workers who weld or conduct other "Hot Work" must receive fire extinguisher training in accordance with OSHA Standards.

2014 Summer Fire Extinguisher Training Schedule