Living In A Wildland Fire Area - Are You Prepared

It is that time of year in Northern California, fire season has come along with the summer weather!

Chico is surrounded by beautiful foothills and scenic woodland areas; however, many of these areas are categorized by the State of California as "very high fire severity zones."   The lack of rain in previous years and minimal rain fall last winter, has resulted in a state of continued drought throughout California and very high fire danger conditions for many who live in or near wooded areas.

We encourage the Campus community to consider individual preparedness, especially if living in the area subject to wildland fire.  In addition to preparing your property and home by providing defensible space, you should be prepared to evacuate.  As with any disaster, you should have an evacuation plan for your family and have important documents, personal items, and medications ready to take with you.  Plan ahead as you may receive very little notice during a fast moving fire.  Do not risk your life and that of Firefighters by delaying during an evacuation situation!

It is also important to understand the terminology used by officials when evacuation orders are being issued - do you know the terms used in your area?  Does your community have an emergency radio station or other means of notification?  Make sure you can receive timely information during an emergency.  Do not rely on electricity or a landline phone as power lines can be impacted during wildland fires.

As frightening as it may be to contemplate leaving your home, it is better to take steps now than be caught unprepared.  Following are links to helpful websites and documents that will assist in your preparedness efforts.

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