What is engineering? Surprisingly few people seem to know the answer to this question, and we think that's tragic. If you've ever been curious, we are glad, and want nothing more than to clue you in! Engineer It is a project put on by a small team of students and faculty at CSU Chico. We have created a series of videos demonstrating powerful concepts related to engineering just for you.

Engineer It is, at the most basic level, a collection of educational videos. To watch videos, navigate using the dark green tabs above. These productions are mostly organized by the course that they were created to supplement at any university. Some videos are created to demonstrate how to use a certain computer program; whether associated with a specific class or not, these are all available under the last video-containing tab: Software Videos.

Mission of the Engineer It Program:

Students teaching students and the community about basic engineering principles to enhance perception, cognition, and recollection of STEM topics by presenting engineering problems, mathematical solutions, and real world applications through media production.

Acquiring knowledge of basic engineering principles begins with an interest in the challenges that engineers are asked to solve. The quality of the solutions to those challenges can be enhanced by your ability to visualize physical properties and constraints, which are fundamental to the behavior of machines and structures. Using media production, a refined presentation of engineering topics help with visualizing engineering problems and applying the mathematical tools leading to solutions to those problems.

The objective of the Engineer It Program is to provide upper division university students an opportunity to revisit fundamental engineering topics while teaching other students and the community about the different types of engineering problems encompassing fundamental engineering topics, such as engineering statics, strength of materials, and fluid mechanics. Students also demonstrate the computing software commonly used to solve engineering problems.

The long-term plan for the Engineer It Program is to produce videos that transform education in math, science, and engineering for K through 12 students, university students, engineering professionals, and the community. Many of you have the basic math and science skills, but fail to recognize when or how to apply them to your daily projects. The Engineer It Program is the way to make the connection between academic knowledge and real world applications. Engineering students are making that connection and will continue to share knowledge and experiences through this educational programming.