Kim Jaxon

Siskiyou 129

Photo of Kim Jaxon Dr. Kim Jaxon, a Chico native and Chico State alumni, is an assistant professor of English. She received her PhD in the Language & Literacy, Society & Culture program in the Graduate School of Education at UC, Berkeley where her research interests focused on theories of literacy, the teaching and learning of writing, and teacher education. She teaches upper division courses in composition theory and first year writing, and she often teaches courses in the area of English Education. In her research and her teaching, she uses a variety of technologies and considers what those technologies afford in terms of student learning and participation. She was recently invited to become a digital curator for a new website hosted by the National Writing Project with funding from the MacArthur Foundation. The site, “Digital Is…,” will provide examples and a range of support for educators interested in digital literacy and the use of technology in their classrooms.

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