Course Offerings

Spring 2015

ENGL 634 - Teaching Composition (#6532)
Chris Fosen
T 5:00-7:50
MLIB 442

ENGL 656 - Themes, Genres, or Problems in Literature: Artists of the Floating World (#9465)
Rob Burton
R 4:00-6:50
LANG 107

In this course, we will examine a contemporary genre of literature that consists of writers who write in English yet who do not always originate from, or possibly even identify with, England or America. Sometimes they are classified as “Multicultural writers” (because they embrace two or more national cultures); sometimes they are classified as “Postcolonial writers” (because they invariably originate from cultures that have been linked to European or American colonial practices).  In this course, I am giving them the generic title of “Artists of the Floating World.”  Using my book Artists of the Floating World: Contemporary Writers Between Cultures as a guide, we will examine the theoretical grounding of this genre as well as the fictional works of authors such as Kazuo Ishiguro, Bessie Head, Bharati Mukherjee, and Salman Rushdie.

ENGL 657 - Comparative Literature (#9466)
Geoff Baker
W 4:00-6:50
BUTE 327