Important Dates and Deadlines

Spring 2015

20 January               Fall classes begin

30 January               Last day to add/drop classes (including Engl

                              689T, 697, & 699 T/P)

13 February              Last day to apply for a master’s degree

                              expected in May 2015

13 March                  Approx. deadline for preliminary edits/format

                              review for thesis/project (contact Carson Medley,

                    , (530)898-5392,

                              Office of Graduate Studies for more info)

16-20 March             Spring Break

27 March                 Recommended deadline for defence copy of

                              M.A. thesis/project to be distributed to all

                              members of student's

                              Graduate Advisory committee

3 April                     Recommended deadline for completion of M.A.

                              thesis/project oral defenses

17 April                   Submit preliminary T.A. Application to English

                             Main Office, Siskiyou 102, by 5:00 p.m.

                             (firm deadline)

17 April                   Last day to submit approved thesis/project to

                             the Graduate School for spring graduation

7 May                     Submit full T.A. Application to English Main

                             Office, Siskiyou 102, by 5.00 p.m.

                             (firm deadline)

11-15 May              Final Exam Week

14 May                   Commencement

[1] All students, including those who have taught in previous semesters, are encouraged to read the Department “Hiring Guidelines for Teaching Associates,” available online: