Cliff Benjamin

Cliff Benjamin photoMy name is Cliff Benjamin, and I am wholly unremarkable. In the long distant past—known to purists as the 90’s—I completed my BA in History. In a dubious attempt to fill the festering hole in my heart, I returned to college to chase that elusive teaching dream. Instead of returning to the arms of History, my torso turned towards my first true love, English. Currently, my soul struggles in the Language and Literacy Graduate Program at Chico State. As to the why attend Chico State, it was collection of wretchedly simple idioms centered around the because I lived in Chico concept. My interests wildly wobble around a fulcrum of fancy known as whatever my mind wants to learn today concept—Poetry, Fiction, Smooth Jazz and Academic Hubris. My projects are few, as this is my first semester—survival mode engaged. Currently, I’m dreaming about an overarching goal of teaching Composition, Creative Writing, and Literature on a college level—all while wearing a jaunty hat and smart shoes.