Chase Chevallier

Chase Chevallier photoAs a Capricorn, the Great Goat, and firm believer of the importance in understanding the twelve signs of the zodiac, I followed what was foretold in the great astral plain; that I would find myself attending graduate school at CSU, Chico. So, it was only logical that I would move here when I was 20 to finish my undergraduate degree. Although the allure of a small college town, rooted in the beautiful foothills of the Sierra Nevada’s, blooming with and encompassed by a myriad of local farms fostering an abundance of fresh produce that one can purchase at the world famous farmers market; a kleine Dorf, a German phrase meaning small village, of course, that contains a thriving local music scene that allows even the blackest of black-metal-heads to sustain both their coal-hearted love for international and local metal bands as well as the chance to get one’s fingers fretted with fellow furious music fanatics in one’s own band, in addition to the ability to accomplish it all via the usage of a two-wheeled, pedal-processed, horse machine-- I aptly call mine Sleipnir-- might have influenced my decision to come to Chico. I know deep down inside that it was my keen knowledge and intimacy with the prophecies foretold in the zodiac that brought me here.

Although I first attempted to emphasize in broadswords, battle-axes and Norse mythology in literature, and then later the influence of American and British literature in the realm of metal music, after fruitlessly failing in convincing the graduate school to indulge my idiosyncrasies, I opted for combining emphases in literature and composition, because I also happen to be interested in the ways in which certain works of American literature have affected and influenced both the national attitude towards our natural world, in a positive or negative light, and how they contribute to how we as a people coexist with nature. Furthermore, as it pertains to the composition aspect of my emphases, I found myself a mentor in the one of a kind English 30 and 130P programs as an undergraduate, mentoring freshman composition students in weekly workshops which ultimately led me to train in the teaching of composition.

And finally, I have been given the incredible opportunity to be hired as a graduate Instructor of Record of English 130 while I finish my degree. Many thanks to Professors Jaxon, Fox, Fosen, Brown and Baker for mentoring me; I wouldn’t be where I am without their help.