Sabrina Derr

I am a Chico native attending graduate school in English with an emphasis in creative writing. I received my bachelor’s degree and Certificate in Literary Editing and Publishing at CSU, Chico during my undergraduate studies and am proud to be a part of this colorful community.  Chico is, after all, called the city of trees, and the variety of our trees are much like the folks here, each tree, distinctively different from the others, some with grooves and knots, wise with age and the history of this town, while others, just transplanted, root themselves to our rich soils for the first time.

 As a fluent Farsi speaker and the daughter of a Persian immigrant, my current project interests involve research and drafting a collection of short stories, of fiction and nonfiction blend, that are thematically centered on Persian culture and identity. All of my stories incorporate several ancient Persian superstitions and customs that have prevailed in Iran since the 2nd century AD. I am a Graduate Equity Fellow and California Predoctoral Scholar and seriously steered myself in the direction to pursue creative writing in my graduate studies after placing first in CSU, Chico’s graduate and undergraduate creative writers competition for two consecutive years, once in fiction and once in nonfiction.

I have two cats: Nanook of the North, a white, regal tomcat who still suckles like a kit (as you can see, I use the relative pronoun reserved for human beings when introducing my cats, because my cats are, in so many respects, my kin), loves to press his nose up to fresh-cut flowers, and has a pair of indigo eyes that remind me of my mother’s Persian carpets. And there is Bagheera of the Jungle who is not a black-toned, Indian leopard as her name suggests, but a spirited and spunky housecat with eyes the color of steamed asparagus. Finally, I have a hen named Salem that lays blue hued eggs, gets cranky on occasion, and loves blueberries for breakfast. I live in a cottage where I write, garden, cook, and play the ocarina.