Athena Murphy

Athena Murphy photoHello, my name is Athena and I’m just happy to be here.  A few fun facts about me: I get really excited about tea, shoes make my feet claustrophobic and I have an irrational fear of chickens.  I grew up in the Ojai Valley—where sunsets wash the mountain ranges pink, orange orchards sweetly bombard the spring air and where drum circles and hoop dancing take over the park plaza every Sunday at noon.  I spent my younger days squawking in choral ensembles, monkeying around theater electrics and finding sunny patches of grass for reading and/or cat-napping.  I transferred to Chico to finish up my B.A. in English Literature.  I grew up in a town small enough to make Chico big yet I still feel as though I’m part of a close-knit community and nowhere have I felt more at home than as a part of the English Department—so much so that, though I’ve completed my B.A., I couldn’t bring myself to leave just yet.  I’m currently pursuing my Masters in English Literature with an idea to focus on the role humor plays in the American literary tradition…I’m still working out the details.  When I’m not in class I can be found on the editorial staff of the Watershed Review or helping coordinate events with the English Graduate Student Council.  Outside of academics I can be found perfecting my belly-laugh, sipping tea in funky cafes, or amusing myself with a piece of string and a kitten.