Vincent Portillo

Vincent Portillo photoI am a graduate student in English, with an emphasis in Rhetoric and Composition.  For my MA thesis, I am working under Professor Fosen on a discourse analysis of the rhetoric of fast capitalism and its effects on the practice of cooperative labor.  

I am also a Graduate Equity Fellow, which allows me to pursue academic interests outside of, but certainly stemming from, my work in the English Department.  For the fellowship, I am editing the manuscript of CSU Chico Professor of Economics, Michael Perelman.  

Also, as a writing mentor in the first-year composition program, I get to work with a great group of students from the Equal Opportunity Program.   

And finally, as much as this is a record of my accomplishments, as well as my research and teaching interests, the previous narrative would not have been possible without the mentorship of Judith Rodby, Kim Jaxon, Tom Fox, and Christian Fosen.