Carey Wilson

Carey Wilson photoI was born in Berkeley, California in June of 1954. At the time my dad was working on a ranch that is now the Eugene O'Neill National Historic Site

in Danville, which used to be a rural community. Sometime before I turned 3 we moved to another ranch, near Three Forks, Montana. Until 1970 it was a series of moves to different one-horse towns all over Nevada, Idaho, Montana, and Northern California. I grew up literally riding the range, going on cattle-drives & all that other stuff associated with the Old West, except for getting in shoot outs in saloons. It was a lot of fun for a kid.

I worked as an arts reviewer for the Chico News & Review for quite a while and was also the paper's "Senior Production Designer" or something like that for several years. I love writing about plays, and books, and records, and band performances. I'm not much of a critic in that I prefer to write about things I enjoy rather than enjoy writing about things I don't like.

Also at the News & Review I wrote a column for a few years called “Culture Vulture” []. It was a lot of fun and I was allowed a tremendous amount of freedom as to what I chose to write about. Nowadays it would probably be a “blog.” (The name C. Owsley Rain is an anagram of Carey Wilson.)

I returned to the university in 2008 to finish the degree I started some decades back and completed my BA with the Editing and Publishing certificate in 2010. I’m currently working on my MA degree with an emphasis on creative writing, and also working on university-related publishing projects as editor and designer, including, if all goes well, the revival of Chico State’s literary publication, Watershed.

I consider Chico my permanent & much-loved home and will no doubt find some way of managing to stay here whether it be at a subsistence level or some slightly higher realm of society.