Thank you for all that you do, and for believing and providing students from low-economic backgrounds the chance to chase and live the 'American Dream.' EOP is truly about opportunities!
Lydia Vang-Zumwalt, 2002, Claims Adjuster

EOP Alumni Guest Book

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"Congratulations, Chico State EOP, for 40 years of providing students opportunities for higher education. Thank you to the staff of the 80's...Martha, Chris, CC, Elmer, Chela. Thank you for the summer programs, the academic support, paraprofessional advising, and the emotional support that made the difference and helped me to succeed. It's a blessing to know many of you remain dedicated staff to the ongoing success of Chico State EOP students. Thank you for inviting me to celebrate with you. I hope to see many alumni and friends."
— Regina R. Medina, BSW, MSW, LCSW, 1980 - 1986

"Where do I begin? Success is paved one brick at a time with each chapter succeeding the next. I've learned to focus on the moment and not the outcome. A great advisor is more than what they know they are. The fact that one chooses to believe without doubt, knowing that the doors can and will be opened with consistent pursuit. My life would not be what it is without the relentless support of my peers, my advisors, my Chico State EOP. Cheers!"
— Richard Ruiz "Roach", 1995 - 2001

I can't wait to see all you and bring back the memories of our great times!"
— Rosa Sanchez-Yokoyama, 1985 - 1991

"CSU-Chico! One of America's best kept secrets!! A treasurable and life-changing experience that I'll never forget. Special thanks to Professor Rich MClenny, George Wright, Paul Persons and Dane Cameron for all their unyielding support in my academic career. Charles C.C. Carter, Dr. Aldrich & Chela Patterson, for their constant encouragement towards personal development has contributed to who I am today. I look forward to giving EOP it's proper dues and acknowledgement for providing a gateway from where I come from. Thanks to all of you for keeping the dream alive!"
— Rome Imari Mubarak, BA, MPA, 1988 - 1993

"The EOP Program has been the pillar of my scholastic, personal & professional growth. I have learned many lessons from the wonderful counselors who have made me acutely aware of ambition, accountability, humility. I can remember as if it were yesterday, the stories during my summer bridge orientation in the summer of 1989 and how many freshmen before me during their time managed to survive initial year @ Chico. Like Chris Malone's sixteen consecutive weekend trips to Southern California. This helps me to know that Oakland was just a stone's throw away compared to So-Cal. I remember Dr. Patterson's caution of going food shopping while hungry and the poor nutrition choices and inability to remain under budget that comes from it. The great scenario of looking to ones left & right wondering who will stay and who will not make it to the finish line. That single example of looking left & right helped me to be the "stay" example. I have worked hard in my travels, but I could not accomplish half of what I have without the help & support of the fine professionals of Chico's EOP program. I am to this day and onward in your debt. Thank you for your belief and support of me. BA degree recipient in 1994 and Masters studies that followed. I have needed support @ every step & EOP was there for the assist. Thank you, a thousand times; thank you."
— LaMar (YoHan) Vinson, 1989 - 1996

"EOP opened a world of opportunities to me that I will forever cherish! It was my family away from home."
— Adriana Gutierrez-Kirk, 1990 - 1995

"I'm forever in debt to EOP. When I was denied regular admission due to SAT scores, EOP gave me a second chance to prove myself with rigor and high expectations. I'm now sending my daughter to University of Washington to study medicine and she will also participate in EOP. The legacy of EOP continues."
— LaWanda Wesley, 1988 - 1994

"I started in the summer of 1974 in the Summer Educational Experience (SEE III)...I was so young; it was a transformative experience! I completed a BA and MPA at CSU, Chico,and then obtained a doctorate at U.C. Berkeley. I have fond memories of that first summer: we camped at Gold Lake, took classes, and lived in coed dorms."
— Lily Roberts, MPA, Ph.D., 1974 - 75;1978 - 80

"Can't wait to celebrate the 40th anniversary of EOP! Four decades of helping students succeed! I'm proud to have been a part of it!"
— Anna Magaña, 2001 - 2005

"I can't wait to see who attends! It will be fun to reunite with some OLD SKOOL! "
— Lisa Saldano, 1985 - 1990

"I can't wait to be part of this celebration! It will be nice to see all of you!"
— Josie Martinez, 1985 - 1990

"I remember the PAU (Pan African Union)Breakfast Program, and hanging out at the Black House in the alley. Milton's Mellow Music Moments kept me busy too. Second Baptist church on Sunday's. The Just-Us Band. Bob Sherrard, Marion Epting, George Wright, and the men and women who helped me along the way. Peace to the dreamers and achievers."
— Milton Williams Jr., 1977 - 1982

"Chico was a place of great spiritual and intellectual transformation for me. Away from the L.A. community I was reared in, I became free to explore ideas and cultures which literally transformed my life. Thank you EOP! Thank you CSU, Chico! Congratulations on 40 yrs of outstanding service."
— Granvel Johnson, 1985 - 88

"Goodness! my thoughts and memories of being an EOP student are all positive. My recruiter to CSU, Chico was Felix Jordan and later he was my Parapro. Felix was a professional who kept me in line. Chico was filled with my first. First time in college, first time on my own, first time having to be responsible, and first time having to grow up and make decisions on my own. The EOP staff, Chris Malone, Larry Prude, the receptionist-I think her name was Lorretta, and a host of names that I can't recall but whose faces I see vividly in my heart. I do plan on attending the celebration and sharing with the current EOP students the many trails we blazed so that they can attend Chico State. I thank GOD for the Educational Opportunity Program for the opportunity at education!"
— Valerie Lathern, 1979 - 1983

"I have very fond memories of the old EOP bungalow and the nice and kind staff members. CC Carter and Chris stick out in my mind for counseling and simple calling me to check on me and making sure that my Chico experience was a positive one. CC was always there to lend a hand to help whoever. He as my go- to guy for anything i needed. When i first approached him about starting a black frat to campus, CC was there and helped me get elected to the panhellenic council to move the process in months instead of years. I cant thank him enough. Looking forward to seeing everyone again, we are going to party like it 1999 (again)"
— Harry Martin, 1979 - 1984

"Summer Bridge 1990 really made an impact in my have no idea! If you remember me, holla back peeps!"
— Julio Pech "Booker", 1990 - 1991

"I fondly remember Third Street housing! It was a great alternative to traditional residential hall life, which could have been a real hardship for me. I loved my Third Street neighbors!"
— Becky Goodwin, 1972 - 1977

"I look forward to being part of a great celebration."
— Oscar de la Torre, 1990 - 1995

"Can't wait to see all of my old friends. It's been years and I know this will be a party to remember. So my challenge to all of us who graduated in 80, let's do this and let's do this big, can't wait to see all of you."
— Charles CC Carter, 1975 - 1980

"The EOP program sustained me through my undergrad work and then encouraged me to go on to grad work. I am lucky to be able to give back to this great program by serving as staff and alumni at CSU, Chico."
— Michele Vanderjack, 1988 - 91

"I have made many friends and met some great people through EOP. It will be nice to celebrate with those who have also benefited from this amazing program. Can't wait to see old friends and familiar faces!"
— Teresa Palacios, 2004 Grad

"Paul Karlstrom, Rich McKlenney, Russell Beckley, Gloria Benson, Betty Lou Raker. Dave Pautsch taught me to move him from wheelchair to car. Gayle O'Quinn Smith, City Gomez, Mwezo, Dan Holsapple, Roberta Wright. Fin Aid Dir Dave Cook wearing Ali Baba slippers to staff mtgs. Peggy O'Keefe, Elmer Diaz, CC, Loretta Shinn, Herman Ellis, Connie Knott, Joe Bayuga, Larry Prude, Judith James, Phyllis Tang, Mike Tokuno, Martha Williams, Abe Baily, Chris Malone, Jack Otto, Vince Soto, Rachel Jablon, Kaz Oto, Terri Cordova, Rocky Raquel. Summer Bridge. Memories? I haven't begun...! "
— Kay Gubbins Huffine, EOP Staff 1972 - 1987

"Being in EOP is one of my greatest college memories! My Advisor helped me feel connected to the university and genuinely cared about my success. EOP’s workshops and motivational speakers contributed so much to my life and career aspirations. The greatest friendships that I made in college all came out of EOP courses we took together. Thank you so much EOP and congratulations! Hats off to EOP staff and students!!! "
— Joanna Alvarado, 1999 - 2004