Student Job Opportunities

The success of the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) is largely due to the students that work in our office. EOP values its student employees and provides opportunities for professional growth. Many of our past student employees have moved on to very exciting careers or have returned to work for EOP as professionals because of the experience gained working for the program. Two integral student assistant positions in our office are the paraprofessional advisor and intern advisor. These positions have direct contact with EOP students on a regular basis.

The paraprofessional advisor works directly with students participating in the EOP First Year Experience to help them transition to college life. These duties include academic advising, co-leading university life workshops, and attending a university life course. The paraprofessional advisor has the opportunity to be a great role model to new students.

The EOP intern advisor works with continuing students, prepares and presents workshops, performs various office projects, and fills the role of receptionist. Emphasis is placed on general education advising and major exploration.

By completing the intern/paraprofessional advisor application, you are applying for both positions. For complete job descriptions and application information, please click on the links below.

Intern/Paraprofessional Advisor Job Announcement - Closed

Intern/Paraprofessional Advisor Application - Closed

Another opportunity to work with EOP students is as a Summer Bridge resident advisor (RA). As an RA you will spend time prior to Summer Bridge in training and getting to know your co-workers. Once Summer Bridge begins, you will live on campus for the duration of the program. Some of your responsibilities will include: ensuring the safety of the participants, leading teambuilding activities, organizing daily wing meetings, talking with students, and various other duties. For a complete job description and application information, please click on the links below.

Resident Advisor Job Announcement - Closed

Resident Advisor Application - Closed

The Publications and Public Events Intern position would assist with direct communication to Educational Opportunity Program participants through email, social media, and web pages, and also assist with the planning of large group events. The intern would report directly to the publications and public events specialist. This student would gain experience planning events and working in a group and would be an important member of the team. For the complete job description, supplemental questions, and application for employment, please click on the links below.

Publications and Public Events Intern Announcement - Open

Publications and Public Events Intern Supplemental Questions - Open

Publications Intern - Student Application for Employment - Open (PDF - best opened with Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox on a PC)