EOP Application Process for Transfer Students

In order to successfully complete your EOP file, it is critical that you submit all necessary documents before the deadlines. Your failure to meet any EOP deadline could result in your immediate removal from the EOP Admissions process.

Step 1 - You must apply for admission to CSU, Chico before applying to EOP.

  • Application priority filing period for CSU, Chico Admissions:
    • Fall Semester: October 1–November 30
    • Spring Semester: August 1–31
  • Complete the EOP interest portion in the admissions application and submit your online CSU, Chico admissions application at www.csumentor.edu.
  • Once you submit your admissions application, you will automatically receive access to the online EOP application.

Step 2 - Submit separate EOP application.

  • Deadline for EOP applications:
    •  Fall Semester: October 1–November 30
    • Spring Semester: August 1–31
  • Complete and submit your online EOP application, Applicant Information Form (Form 1), at the CSUMentor web site prior to the application deadline.
  • Hint: Having your parent's income information along with the correct e-mail addresses of your recommenders will help you in completing the application.

Step 3 – Submit EOP Recommendation forms.

  • Deadline for EOP Recommendation forms:
    • Fall Semester: January 31
    • Spring Semester: September 30
  • Submit both Recommendation Forms (Forms 2a and 2b) prior to the deadline. If you are currently an EOPS student (or a part of any support program), you must have at least one Recommendation Form completed by your EOPS Counselor.  At least one recommendation form needs to be completed by an academic source (teacher or counselor).  Recommendation forms completed by personal acquaintances (i.e., fellow student, neighbor, parent’s best friend) will not be accepted.
    • Electronic/online submission of all documents is preferred. However, if while completing the CSUMentor EOP application you selected "Yes - Submit by paper" for the Recommendation Forms, please use this link to the EOP Recommendation forms PDF.
    • Hint: To check the status of your recommendation forms, go to your EOP Application Manager at the CSUMentor web site and click the "View Letters of Recommendation" box.
  • EOP Mailing Address: Educational Opportunity Program, California State University, Chico, 400 West First Street, Chico, CA 95929-0710.

Step 4 - Follow up on your application.

  • It is your responsibility to follow up on the process to make sure that EOP Admissions has received all documents.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact EOP Admissions, eopadm@csuchico.edu or 800-511-2564, if you have any questions or concerns. We are here to help.