First Year Experience

One of the great services provided to EOP students is the First Year Experience (FYE)—a year-long orientation program designed to assist freshmen with the transition to college life. FYE participants benefit from the Summer Bridge program and are offered the opportunity to live in an on or off-campus residence hall. The FYE program is comprised of many different components, including specialized advising services, a course link program, educational workshops, and social programs.

Advising Services

Every EOP freshmen is required to see an EOP paraprofessional advisor at least twice a month throughout their first two semesters. The EOP FYE advising staff is composed of full-time advisors and several paraprofessional advisors. The paraprofessional advisors, or “parapros,” are upper-division students trained to offer advice on academic, personal, and financial issues. Parapros monitor their students' academic progress and engage in discussions with their students on topics such as course selection, problems with transitioning from high school to college, and time management skills.

Course Link

A course link is a collection of classes, each of which is attended by the same group of students. The EOP FYE course links include the following classes for the fall and spring semester:

Fall semester

  • Small Group Communication (CMST 132; Area A1; 3 units)
  • EOP Freshman Orientation (UNIV 101; elective units, 3 units)

Spring semester

  • Freshman Composition (ENGL 130; Area A2; 3 units)
  • Multicultural and Gender Studies (MCGS 155; Area D1, 3 units)

A paraprofessional advisor is assigned to each section of our EOP Freshman Orientation (UNIV 101) course.

Educational Programs

Throughout their college careers, CSU, Chico students are given the opportunity to participate in a number of educational programs. We encourage, and sometimes require, attendance at these programs for our EOP FYE students. The programs include:

EOP workshops, which are presented by EOP advisors and paraprofessional staff. These workshops focus on such topics as time management, registration, goal setting, getting involved, and self-awareness.

Study skills workshops, which are sponsored by the Student Learning Center. These workshops, led by trained study skills experts, focus on topics such as budgeting, note-taking, concentration, and test anxiety.

Supplemental Instruction (SI), which involves weekly tutoring sessions taught by trained leaders. Both CMST 132 and MCGS 155 are accompanied by Supplemental Instruction. The leaders attend every class meeting throughout the semester in order to offer customized tutoring sessions.

Social Programs

Throughout FYE, students are informed of social events that take place throughout the academic year including an end-of-year reception. EOP students are eligible to participate in the EOP Student Association which sponsors a number of social events throughout the school year.