Persis Sturges, PhD


Over a 20-year span Dr. Persis Sturges was recognized as among 54 scholars contributing to prominent educational psychology journals. She was listed by the American Educational Research Association as among “prominent educational psychology researchers.” Four grants from national agencies supported her research that overturned the prevailing belief that immediate feedback was critical in learning, allowing granting agencies to save money in their design of computerized instruction. She was among the first faculty to receive a campus Professional Achievement honor.

Sturges was sought out by national professional organizations and other institutions for her expertise including reviewing a text, articles for publication in national journals, and papers for convention presentations; chairing critique sessions at conferences; and serving as external examiner for a Ph.D. thesis.

What makes Sturges’ accomplishments so extraordinary is that they occurred 1960s and 1970s when there was little support by the university for significant research by women.

In retirement she has shared her expertise and experience in international travel, leading more than 40 tour groups on visits to 70 countries on seven continents.

It is clear that she was a pioneer who blazed a trail for scholarship and research when Chico State College was becoming CSU, Chico. Her work helped develop a climate of scholarship that would encourage and provide a model for faculty aspiring to conduct research at this campus.