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Award Guide

AWARD GUIDE 2016-17 (pdf)
Understand your
financial aid award,
eligibility and

Financial Aid Checklist

We have a checklist available as a guide to help you keep track of the details of the financial aid process. Most of the items on the list have hyperlinks, so you can go directly to pages where you’ll find more detailed explanations if you need them. Click on the link below to view and/or download the checklist.

Financial Aid and Scholarship Checklist

Some points to add or emphasize:

  • We recommend that you apply for financial aid regardless of income because most students and their families qualify for some type of assistance. There are low-interest federally backed loans available if you are not eligible for grants. You can visit the Preliminary Aid Information System (PAIS) at CSUMentor and the federal FAFSA4caster, which are designed to allow high school and college students to estimate student financial aid eligibility.
  • Apply for financial aid and CSU, Chico scholarships every year.
    • The scholarship application process is open January 2 - February 15 for the next academic year.
    • The priority filing date for financial aid is March 2 for the next academic year. Be sure to submit the appropriate year FAFSA.
  • Keep your contact information up to date. View and update address, phone, and e-mail information in the personal information section of your Student Center. Enter the Student Center through your portal account.
  • Check your e-mail. We will notify you that you have an award and send all other financial aid communications to you via Wildcat e-mail.
    • Recommended:  Use your Wildcat e-mail account. Otherwise, add our e-mail address, finaid@csuchico.edu, to your e-mail account's address book or equivalent. This will prevent our messages from being filtered into "junk mail" or "bulk mail" folders, or from being deleted or returned to us. It is your responsibility to ensure that you receive all financial aid e-mails.
  • Accept, reduce, or decline your financial aid award items as soon as possible, even if you anticipate there might be changes to your awards.
  • Check your Student Center frequently to view any "Holds" and your "To Do List".
  • Use direct deposit for receipt of financial aid refunds. You can enroll in Direct Deposit in your Student Center under the Finances section.
  • Remember, your estimated financial aid award will be based on full-time enrollment. If you enroll in fewer units, your aid may be adjusted.
  • Pay your registration fees by the fee payment deadline. If you have pending financial aid, your fees will be deferred until the financial aid is credited to your account. If your financial aid will not cover all university charges, you must pay the difference by the fee payment deadline. Also visit Student Financial Services for more information.

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