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Cost of Attendance

Each college calculates its own Cost of Attendance, or student budget. At CSU, Chico the student budget is based on the estimated cost of a typical student's registration fees, books and supplies, room and board, transportation, and personal expenses for a nine–month academic year (fall and spring semesters). The COA will vary depending on where you live -- on or off campus, or with your parents -- and depending on whether you are an undergraduate, graduate, or credential student.

Knowing the Cost of Attendance is important because the budget helps determine your Financial Need and your offered award. Financial need is defined as the difference between your Expected Family Contribution and the standard Cost of Attendance calculated for each academic year. At CSU, Chico, all potential costs are included. This is an important point of comparison between colleges.

CSU, Chico Cost of Attendance

The estimated budgets below represent a moderate standard of living, or Cost of Attendance, for students attending CSU, Chico.

Estimated Standard Full-Time Budgets for 2011/2012
(nine-month academic year)*
Standard Items Undergraduates Postbaccalaureate
Off-Campus On-Campus With Relatives Off-Campus On-Campus With Relatives
Tuition/Fees** $6,890 $6,890 $6,890 $8,050 $8,050 $8,050
Books/Supplies $1,656 $1,656 $1,656 $1,656 $1,656 $1,656
Room/Board $10,864 $11,118 $4,348 $10,864 $11,118 $4,348
Transportation $1,032 $1,032 $1,032 $1,032 $1,032 $1,032
Personal $2,748 $2,748 $2,748 $2,748 $2,748 $2,748
TOTAL $23,190 $23,444 $16,674 $24,350 $24,604 $17,834

*Note: Undergraduate budgets reflect estimated amount of State University Fee; other costs are averaged. Postbaccalaureate budgets reflect weighted averages of estimated Credential and Graduate fees, and an average for other costs.

* Budgets are for a nine–month academic year. One–semester budgets are half the above amounts. Budgets include direct university charges (fees and on-campus room and board) and discretionary expenses (transportation, books and supplies, personal expenses, and off-campus room and board).

** Non–resident students add to regular tuition fees listed above an additional $372 per unit. Western University Exchange (WUE) students pay 150 percent State University Tuition Fee, 100 percent campus fees. Additional $254 per unit per semester for M.B.A. and for M.S. in Accountancy, Business Administration, Health Care Management, Business and Technology, Information Systems, and Taxation

** Tuition Fees are based on full–time enrollment. All fees are subject to change based on Board of Trustees action. See Student Financial Services for fees and deadlines.

For additional information on how Cost of Attendance helps determine your financial aid award, see Understanding Your Award. If you have extraordinary expenses, such as for childcare or for non-reimbursed medical costs, please consider submitting an Exceptional Circumstances Appeal. Consult Appeals.

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