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Financial Aid and Study Abroad

CSU, Chico offers numerous opportunities for study abroad through programs at universities throughout the world. For more information on the programs available, visit the Study Abroad web site or drop by the Study Abroad Office in Student Services Center 440 to pick up pamphlets and brochures about the various programs.

Money Matters

Do not rule out studying abroad because of cost. Many programs charge the same tuition and fees as CSU, Chico. There are additional costs, of course, associated with studying abroad with any of the programs. Carefully read through the program material and assess what personal resources you may be able to draw upon for a study abroad semester or year. We recommend that students see a Financial Aid Advisor the semester before studying abroad.

Financial Aid

Financial aid may be applied to the costs of study abroad programs associated with CSU, Chico through the Study Abroad Office or opportunities available through the colleges. Approximately 60 percent of CSU, Chico students receive some form of financial aid. Students who previously have not applied for financial aid may consider applying in order to be eligible for federal student loans.

Summary of Programs and Financial Aid*

Type of Aid IP (CSU System) USAC Direct Int'l Exchange CSU, Chico sponsored programs
Federal Pell Grant Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cal Grants Yes No Yes Yes
State University Grant Yes No Yes Yes
Federal SEOG Yes Yes Yes Yes
EOP Grant Yes Yes Yes Yes
Federal Work-Study No No No No
Stafford Direct Loans Yes Yes Yes Yes
Stafford PLUS Loans Yes Yes Yes Yes

* Subject to individual student eligibility

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Application Process

  1. Apply for financial aid by submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Financial aid is determined on a need basis. The FAFSA is used to collect household and financial information from students in order to determine the Expected Family Contribution (EFC), a measure of a family’s financial strength based on income and assets. The EFC is the main determinant of need-based aid.
  2. In response to your FAFSA, you will receive instructions to view your Student Aid Report (SAR) online. Verify the information on your Student Aid Report and make corrections following the instructions on the FAFSA Website.
  3. Check your Student Center to make sure you have submitted any documents we may have requested. Please note: award information and all other financial aid communications are sent to you via e–mail.
  4. Award offers will be made starting in April for the following academic year, for students who have completed FAFSAs. Initial awards will be based on CSU, Chico costs. After you have been accepted into a study abroad program, the cost of attendance (COA) will be adjusted. Cost of attendance adjustments may increase your eligibility for additional funds from loan sources.
  5. You are usually eligible for financial aid equal to the amount of demonstrated financial need determined by the FAFSA. Financial need is the difference between what it costs to attend (COA) and what you and your family are expected to pay toward the costs (EFC).
    Basic formula: COA - EFC = Financial Need
    The amount you receive in financial aid cannot exceed the estimate of program costs.
  6. Use the appropriate Study Abroad Financial Planning Worksheet to review:
    • Types of financial aid: grants, loans, and scholarships
    • How to figure the cost of attendance
    • How to apply for financial aid
    • How to estimate your need
  7. Arrange for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) for direct deposit of funds to your checking account. Visit Student Financial Services for instructions to sign up online.
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