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External Scholarships

There are excellent privately funded scholarships available to students and their families. These awards do not need to be repaid and are funded from a variety of sources including community organizations, local and national foundations, state and federal agencies, and private donors. Information about scholarships is free and may be found in the reference sections of Meriam Library and public libraries, as well as high school counseling and guidance offices. A good source of scholarship information for upper division students may be their major department office and the Web sites of professional associations in their academic disciplines.

You are required to report any outside scholarships to the school's financial aid office.  Federal rules concerning "overaward situations" require the school to reduce the financial aid package when the sum of financial aid from all sources exceeds the school's cost of education. If you fail to report an outside scholarship, you may be required to repay the school or the government all or part of your need-based financial aid package.

External Scholarship Databases

External Scholarship Postings in Academic Works: 

Hints for using scholarship databases:

  1. Remember to narrow your search terms
  2. Be as specific as you can about your personal "identifiers"
  3. "Un-check" box which gives your approval for the site sharing information with affiliate partners

Free personalized scholarship searches are available at the following websites.

To avoid being a victim of a scholarship scam, students and their families should keep in mind the following tips:

  • Typically scholarship applications do not require your social security number. 
  • If you must pay money to get some money, it might be a scam.
  • If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Never invest more than a postage stamp to get information about a scholarship.
  • Nobody can guarantee that you'll win a scholarship.
  • Legitimate scholarship foundations do not charge application fees.
  • If you are suspicious of an offer, it is usually with good reason.
  • Nobody can guarantee that you'll win a scholarship.

Information for External Scholarship Recipients


The organization that awards you the scholarship will generally mail the check to CSU, Chico. If they mail it to you directly, please bring it to the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office (SSC 250) for processing. You are required to report any outside scholarship to the Finanical Aid and Scholarship Office. 


After the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office has received the student's external scholarship check(s), it is entered into the student's financial aid award. 


An e-mail notification is sent out informing the student of their updated financial aid award. The turn-around time for complete processing of external scholarships is one to two weeks.


This scholarship will be considered as pending aid. Pending aid defers charges until the first disbursement of the semester, after which disbursements occur weekly. Deadline for receipt of checks to count as “pending aid” for the fall semester is July 15.


After all charges are paid, any money remaining will be disbursed to you.

Fall: First disbursement of fall term is the Thursday prior to the start of classes in August. 

Spring: First disbursement of spring term is the Thursday prior to the start of classes in January.

Information for External Scholarship Providers

Mail scholarship checks to:

CSU, Chico
Financial Aid and Scholarship Office
Chico, CA  95929-0705
  • Make the check payable to CSU, Chico
  • Enter the student’s name and student ID in the memo section of the check.
  • Provide any special instruction in a letter to accompany the check. 
  • Let us know if the check is for one semester, should be divided equally between semesters, or if a second payment will be sent for the next semester.
  • Provide contact information if we should need to contact you.
  • Mail the check early.  Tuition payment for the fall semester is due around the end of July. Tuition payment for the spring semester is due in mid-December.
  • Complete processing of external scholarships is two to three weeks.

When CSU, Chico receives your check:

  • The Financial Aid and Scholarship Office will enter the scholarship amount in the student’s financial aid award.
  • The student will receive an email informing them of a change in their award each time a new entry is made.
  • If the funds are received prior to the start of the semester it is considered “pending aid”  and will defer the tuition payment until the first disbursement of the semester. 
  • Chico State will verify the student is enrolled full-time with a minimum GPA of 2.0 prior to disbursing the scholarship check.  If the student does not meet these requirements we will contact you for permission to disburse or instruction to return the check.
  • After university charges are paid, any money remaining will be disbursed to the student.