Mission Statement & Goals

Our Mission Statement

The Office of Faculty Affairs is dedicated to facilitating the career success and academic advancement of the faculty of California State University, Chico, to promote an environment where we recruit and retain a diverse faculty of talented educators, researchers and those committed to the service of others. We are committed to conducting these processes in a personal, collaborative and respectful manner that promotes dynamic, creative participation.

Primary Functions

  • Partner with the Faculty Senate to review and develop policies which impact our faculty
  • Communicate key issues/policies impacting our faculty
  • Facilitate recruitment of diverse talent
  • Oversee New Faculty Orientation
  • Implement and interpret academic labor relations policies and guidelines
  • Oversee issues related to the faculty review process - annual review, promotion, career counseling and career development

Our Goals

Labor Relations

  • Foster collaborative environment of reason, respect and civility
  • Encourage cooperative, creative solutions to resolve issues
  • Implement academic policies while ensuring the integrity and continuity of academic programs

Faculty Excellence /Well Being

  • Assist and support faculty in navigating the complex academic environment to pursue academic excellence while maintaining work life balance
  • Promote comprehensive spectrum of faculty competencies that support and enhance institutional and educational objectives
  • Recognize, value and celebrate outstanding performance

Faculty Development

  • Engage, cultivate and retain a diverse faculty community
  • Support and facilitate professional growth and achievement
  • Ensure that evaluation processes are efficient, effective and thorough