The forms and documents below are available to assist personnel committee members, deans, staff, and administrators with the performance review and periodic evaluation process for Unit 3 Faculty, Counselors, and Librarians. The forms and samples below may not apply to all college processes. Please contact the AA/S in your dean's office for specific processes in your college.

RTP Schedules

General Processes/Steps for Colleges and Departments

Probationary Faculty

Periodic Evaluation of Tenured Faculty and FERP

Temporary Faculty (e.g. Part-Time Lecturers)

Temporary Faculty Range Elevation

Dossier / Working Personnel Action File (WPAF)

Late Add Submission to the WPAF / Addition of New Evidence

Response or Rebuttal

Forms - RTP and Evaluation

RTP Guidelines, Policies and Procedures by College/Department

Who Do I Contact With Questions?