Susan Avanzino—A Commitment to Service

"There's nothing more contagious than the opportunity to ignite students' passion and enthusiasm."

Susan Avanzino came to Chico State in 1995 after receiving her PhD from USC. She teaches and researches organizational communication and large scale and small venue change. But her work doesn’t stop in the classroom. She has a commitment to serve students, colleagues, and the institution.

Professor Avanzino’s campus service includes Communications Studies undergraduate awards committee chair, summer orientation advisor, speech competition judge, college curriculum committee member, department chair nominating committee chair, Academic Senator, and assessment coordinator for the College of Communication and Education. For her commitment to service, she received the University’s Outstanding Faculty Service Award for 2009–2010.

“These service practices have given me profound satisfaction in contributing to the larger community,” says Avanzino, “and I am grateful for each and every opportunity.” She believes that engaged service results in meaningful partnerships, such as when she worked with the “amazing Career Center staff” to develop a career development workshop for students.

“It gives me satisfaction to contribute to the collective good,” she says, “to students through my teaching or advising a student club, to my colleagues through serving on department committees or in the Academic Senate. I feel a commitment to the whole University community, as well as a profound respect and need to nurture that.”

What else motivates her to serve? “I love it when students come forward and ask for my involvement,” she says. “There’s nothing more contagious than the opportunity to ignite students’ passion and  enthusiasm.”

Susan Avanzino