Charles Zartman – Serving campus, community, and profession

“There will indeed be unity in this campus and local community when we work together and commit to service as a part of our professional responsibility.”

Professor Charles Zartman’s commitment to the College of Communication and Education is without bounds. He directs the CSU, Chico Center for Bilingual/Multicultural Studies, and serves as the single subject coordinator for the Bilingual Credential Program. He served on the Dean’s Review Committee during 2008–2009. He has served on the department personnel committee from 1995 to 2010, most years as chair of the committee.

Professor Zartman’s service to the University has also been substantial. He served on the General Education Design Team and the Executive Management Evaluation and Development Committee, Academy E-Learning, and the Faculty Recognition and Support committees. He was also an active participant in the First-Year Experience Program for years.

Among Zartman’s other service contributions are team leader on more than one dozen accreditation site visits for the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, member California Association of Bilingual Teacher Educators, and Board of Directors California Council on Teacher Education.

Since 1988, Zartman has been coordinating or directing the Korean Institute that brings Korean teachers from the Chungcheongbuk Province have been to Chico State to learn about American teaching practice and culture and to sharpen their English language skills. A total of 887 teachers from the province have been to Chico through the 24 institutes. In 2010, the satellite campus of Konkuk University in the Chungcheongbuk Province began sending university students to Chico. A total of 109 students have been to Chico State through those four institutes. This brings the current total to 996 Korean students coming to Chico since 1988.  “Our program provides a personal touch that similar programs just don’t offer,” he says, including providing host families and guides for the Korean visitors.

Zartman’s passion for what service can accomplish is strong. “There will indeed be unity in this campus and local community,” he says, “when we work together and commit to service as a part of our professional responsibility.”

As a result of his exceptional service, Professor Zartman received the 2010–2011 Outstanding Faculty Service Award.

Zartman teaches a research seminar for graduate students in Education, and the Access and Equity Issues in Education course to undergraduates intending to pursue a teaching credential. 

His own attitude about preparing future teachers is clear: “The excitement and passion of teaching future teachers is that it’s not just the students in my class right now, it’s their students—it’s touching the future.”

Portrait of Zartman