Troy Jollimore

Troy Jollimore—Chico’s Philosopher-Poet

Tom Thomson in Purgatory garnered philosophy professor Troy Jollimore critical acclaim. His next book of poems, At Lake Scugog, continued to look at the larger-than-life Tom Thomson, as well as the philosophical concepts that are the focus of Jollimore’s teaching. The title poem begins, “Where what I see comes to rest/at the edge of the lake/against what I think I see”. Jollimore won a Guggenheim Fellowship in 2013. 


Keiko Goto

Keiko Goto—Studying Food and Culture

Nutrition professor Keiko Goto is CSU, Chico’s 2012–13 Outstanding Professor and was named one of the Top 20 Women Professors in California in 2013. She is passionate about the cultural aspects of food and nutrition. As assistant director for research and evaluation at CNAP, her grant-funded projects include a study of ways to encourage ethnically diverse families to make healthy food choices.


Teddy Delorenzo

Teddy Delorenzo—A Model of Service

Political science professor Teddy Delorenzo’s commitment to service is best reflected in her tireless contribution to the Community Legal Information Center (CLIC). The 2012–2013 Outstanding Faculty Service awardee is directing attorney of the center, one of the most extensive undergraduate legal clinics in the nation. CLIC is staffed by up to 125 undergrads and serves 12,000 clients a year, averaging 23,000 community service hours.


Dingxin Cheng

Dingxin Cheng—Engineering Opportunties

“I like encouraging students to work as a team, be creative, and not be limited by textbooks,” says civil engineering professor Dingxin Cheng, 2012–2013 Outstanding Research Mentor. Cheng exemplifies the teacher-scholar modal, giving his students invaluable internship opportunities and research experiences in the lab and in the field. He also serves as director of the California Pavement Preservation Center.


John Schwarz

John Schwarz—Thinking Outside the Classroom

“I believe that a primary goal of education is learning ‘how to think,’” says construction management professor John Schwarz. Twenty-five years of practical experience infuse his lectures with a real-life element. The 2012–2013 Outstanding Teacher knows how to present complex subjects in a way that his students understand—and encourages them to think analytically and systematically. 


John Schwarz

Peggy Rowberg—Nurturing Future Nurses

“I love students, and I love making a difference in their lives,” says School of Nursing’s Peggy Rowberg. As the pre-nursing advisor, Rowberg responds to inquiries from prospective students. With more than 800 pre-nursing majors and 40 nursing program students per semester, this is an incredible volume of inquiries. The 2012–2013 Outstanding Academic Advisor handles the work with grace and enthusiasm.


Yvette Streeter

Yvette Streeter—Keeping Campus Safe

When Yvette Streeter read the job description for emergency preparedness and occupational safety coordinator in 2011, she thought, “Wow, this would be my dream job.” Now, several years into the position, the former fire prevention officer is no less enthusiastic. She loves helping the campus community plan effectively for emergencies. “My life’s mission and my job is to educate so people can be safe,” she says.


Sandra Barton

Sandra Barton—Theatre Artist

“Theatre is fun,” says Sandra Barton, referring to her 26 years as a costume technician. She works with students, faculty, and staff on music and theatre department productions, doing everything from clothing to jewelry to makeup. One of her innovative projects was a Joan of Arc-styled straightjacket, painstakingly constructed and studded with common metal objects, for a production of Chamber Music.


Raymond (Gabe) Martinez

Raymond (Gabe) Martinez—Dispatcher of the Year

The job of keeping staff and students safe doesn’t end at 5 p.m., as Gabe Martinez knows well. The University Police Department Dispatcher of the Year spends most of his nights handling calls on the graveyard shift. He also serves as a communication training officer, training new dispatchers. Martinez previously spent eight years in the U.S. Army and six years in the Army Reserves. 


Carol Rudolph

Carol Rudolph—Answer Guru

Those nominating Carol Rudolph for 2012 Staff Employee of the Year couldn’t say enough about her friendly, helpful attitude. The administrative support coordinator in Accounting Operations was called “generous of time and resources” and “the Answer Guru.” She fields questions, conducts research, looks for ways to increase efficiencies in campus reporting systems, and trains new employees.