Yvette Streeter—Keeping Campus Safe

Yvette Streeter

When Yvette Streeter read the job description for emergency preparedness and occupational safety coordinator in 2011, she thought, “Wow, this would be my dream job.” Now, several years into the position, the former fire prevention officer is no less enthusiastic. She loves helping the campus community plan effectively for emergencies. “My life’s mission and my job is to educate so people can be safe,” she says.


Sandra Barton—Theatre Artist

Sandra Barton

“Theatre is fun,” says Sandra Barton, referring to her 26 years as a costume technician. She works with students, faculty, and staff on music and theatre department productions, doing everything from clothing to jewelry to makeup. One of her innovative projects was a Joan of Arc-styled straightjacket, painstakingly constructed and studded with common metal objects, for a production of Chamber Music.


Raymond (Gabe) Martinez—Dispatcher of the Year

Raymond (Gabe) Martinez

The job of keeping staff and students safe doesn’t end at 5 p.m., as Gabe Martinez knows well. The University Police Department Dispatcher of the Year spends most of his nights handling calls on the graveyard shift. He also serves as a communication training officer, training new dispatchers. Martinez previously spent eight years in the U.S. Army and six years in the Army Reserves. 


Carol Rudolph—Answer Guru

Carol Rudolph

Those nominating Carol Rudolph for 2012 Staff Employee of the Year couldn’t say enough about her friendly, helpful attitude. The administrative support coordinator in Accounting Operations was called “generous of time and resources” and “the Answer Guru.” She fields questions, conducts research, looks for ways to increase efficiencies in campus reporting systems, and trains new employees.


Lorraine Dechter—Voice of KCHO

Lorraine Dechter

Northstate Public Radio’s news director, Lorraine Dechter, has a history in radio that goes back 40 years. But her passion for storytelling still burns bright. “A lot of my time is spent in quality control,” she said. “So when I actually go in and do a project where I get to sit in the editing room and turn off everything else and just focus on my craft and my art and what I do, it’s really, really satisfying.”