Insight Reporting

Insight Reporting is the program used by the campus to extract data from the Common Financial System(CFS) and deliver it in report form.  Transactions entered into CFS during the workday are fed overnight to a data warehouse and made available the next business day for inquiry using Insight Reports. 

To establish access to Insight Reporting, you will need to complete the CFS Security Authorization Form and submit it to Financial Services, Kendall Hall 210.  If you have questions or would like assistance, please email FINCFS or call Financial Services, ext. 5103.


Insight Migration - New Instance

The new instance of Insight was released by ITSS in August 2015.  The Financial reports listed below were not migrated to the new instance for lack of campus use, inaccurate data, or were determined to be redundant versions of other existing reports.  Please contact Financial Accounting & Reporting at x5103 with any questions about the reports below or regarding the structure of any remaining reports.

  • Account Balances Without Program
  • College Balance Dept Summary
  • Labor Cost Pay Period Summary
  • Labor Cost Program Acct Period Summary
  • Labor Cost Total by Account Type
  • Labor Cost Total Deptid Account Type
  • Misc Course Fees by College
  • Open Commitments
  • Open Commitments Document Summary
  • Program Trans One Prog Per Page
  • Program Transaction Summary
  • Transaction Summary
  • Travel Summary
  • Travel Transactions