American Express Government Travel Card

The American Express Government Travel Card (AMEX) is offered to all permanent employees for use while traveling on State business and provides travelers the convenience of not using their personal credit cards for business related expenses. It identifies the bearer as a government employee, invites discounts from airlines, car rental companies, and hotels while traveling for the State, and provides additional benefits to the traveler as an AMEX cardholder. State travelers apply for the card and issuance is based on personal credit history.

  1. Uses
    is used only for CSU, Chico travel expenses.  Whenever possible it is used to charge for hotels, meals, car rentals, and other university travel related expenses. All authorized car rental agencies (Enterprise and National) will accept the CSU, Chico American Express Government Travel Card.

  2. Applying for the Card
    AMEX can be obtained by completing the online application form.  Sign, date, and send the completed application to Financial Services, Kendall 210, zip 240.  Requests or questions regarding the application can be directed to Kathleen Hillman, Financial Services, 5103.  Both new and renewal cards will be mailed to Financial Services, Kendall Hall, 210.

  3. Liability
    The University is not liable for charges made on the individual AMEX.  The cardholder is solely responsible for payment of all charges and statements will be sent directly to the cardholder's email address.

  4. Payment Terms
    Charges are due and payable immediately upon receipt of bill. All accounts which are 60 days past due will be subject to review by American Express for possible termination of charge privileges and permanent revocation.  Late charges will be payable by the employee and will not be reimbursed by CSU, Chico.

    Resolution of disputed charges is the responsibility of the employee.  American Express provides employees with a toll free number which they can call in the event of disputed billing or other customer service issues, 800-528-2122.

  5. Lost or Stolen Cards
    Employees should immediately notify American Express if their card is lost or stolen by calling 800-528-2122.  A replacement card will be mailed within three to five business days to Financial Services, Kendall 210.  Employees will not be liable for charges arising from any unauthorized use of the card if the employee notifies American Express immediately.