Separation Clearance Procedures

Under provisions of the State Administrative Manual (SAM) Sections 8580.4, 8595, and 8116.3, each full- or part-time employee separating from CSU, Chico must obtain clearance from all financial obligations and state-owned items.


Two forms are necessary to complete this process:

  • Advance Notification of Separation of Employee (ANSE) Form (xls) - Send the ANSE as soon as you know someone is separating from your department. If you receive the information late, that's OK; send it anyway.
  • Separation Clearance Form (pdf) - Departments are responsible for performing checkout and notification of obligations and for submitting the form to Cashiering. DO NOT GIVE THE FORM TO THE SEPARATING EMPLOYEE. Read Department Clearance document below for instructions.
  • Separation Clearance Form (doc.) - provided to enable completion of form using mail-merge.


The following procedures are available to help understand the process: