About Us

What is FitU?

  • A 8-10 week program that includes individual sessions with nutrition and exercise adherence mentors
  • Individualized nutrition mentoring that is based on a non-diet approach. Mentors guide clients towards developing a healthier relationship with food 
  • Individualized exercise adherence mentoring focusing on identifying strategies to overcome individual’s motivational barriers to regular physical activity and assisting in the development of lifelong, enjoyable exercise programs 

Where is FitU?

  • Office located in Yolo Hall 219

When is FitU?

  • Sign up at the beginning of each semester

Who can join FitU?

  • Program open to all CSUC students
  • Mentoring conducted by trained peer mentors (undergraduate and graduate students)

Why FitU?

According to a Spring 2008 survey…

  • 70% of CSUC students are interested in individual nutrition and physical activity counseling. That’s more than 12,500 students!
  • 39% of CSUC students are overweight or obese
  • Half of students indicate decreased physical activity levels since high school, 24% indicate a “considerable decrease” in physical activity levels
  • Over 8,000 CSUC students do not exercise regularly
  • Almost half (44%) of students are unsatisfied with their current body weight
  • 59% of CSUC students are not competent eaters, reporting negative attitudes towards food

Program directed and supervised by:

Dawn Clifford, Ph.D, RD Clinical Nutrition, Dept. Of Nutrition & Food Sciences

Linda Keeler, Ed.D, CC-AASP, Sport and Exercise Psychology Dept. of Kinesiology