MeganMegan Ennis

FitU Office Manager

Megan Ennis is a graduating senior nutrition student. She’s from Concord, CA. She works as a student assistant for the Department of Nutrition and Food Science. In her free time, she enjoys running and yoga. She’s an alumnae from Sigma Kappa sorority. She’s passionate about sports nutrition and interested in clinical nutrition.

AubreyAubrey Newland

FitU Exercise Supervisor

Dr. Newland arrived at Chico State in 2015 as a faculty member in the Department of Kinesiology. She completed her doctorate in Sport & Exercise Psychology at the University of Utah. She teaches courses in exercise behavior and adherence, sport and exercise psychology, and psychology of coaching. She enjoys working with students to develop a love for physical activity and mental skills for coping in a variety of contexts. Dr. Newland loves to be active outdoors - camping, hiking, backpacking, or golfing. She also enjoys the occasional competitive game of basketball, softball, or volleyball. 


Linda KeelerLinda Keeler, EdD, CC-AASP

Research Supervisor and Co-Founder of FitU

Dr. Keeler has been a faculty member at Chico State since 2007 after completing her doctorate in Sport and Exercise Psychology at West Virginia University. She teaches courses in sport psychology, sport sociology, psychology of coaching, and exercise behavior and adherence. Dr. Keeler is an Association of Applied Sport Psychology Certified Consultant with several years experience in consulting with athletes, teams, coaches and exercisers. She loves living in Chico where she enjoys gardening, biking, rock climbing, & hiking.