Supervisors and Mentors


Anne Harris

Nutrition Supervisor and Mentor

Anne is a graduate student in nutrition from Oakland, CA. She enjoys traveling and spent time studying abroad in Spain and volunteering in Guatemala. Anne also enjoys hiking, snowshoeing, and cooking for others. Anne hopes to become a registered dietitian.


Kristina Gard

Nutrition and Exercise Supervisor and Mentor

Kristina is from the East Bay. She graduated with a degree in biology and is currently a graduate student in the nutrition program with the hopes of becoming a registered dietitian. Kristina loves airplanes and traveling and has studied abroad in Argentina.


Katie Williams

Nutrition and Exercise Supervisor and Mentor

Katie is a graduate student in nutrition and plans to become a dietitian. Katie has an undergraduate degree in Psychology and is interested in teaching, nutrition counseling, and clinical nutrition. Katie has two children and enjoys being outdoors, yoga, boxing, and jogging.


Kayla Schnitzius

Nutrition Supervisor and Mentor

Kayla is a food and nutrition management student from the small town of Willits, Ca. She enjoys many different hobbies including hiking and reading.

Benjamin Whited photo

Benjamin Whited

Nutrition Mentor

I am a fifth year senior set to graduate this December from the General Dietetics option in the Nutrition and Food Science Major. This is my first time in the FitU Program, but I am excited to provide my services to students who may need it. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking (baking’s a lot of fun too), hiking and riding my bike. Outside of nutrition and exercise related activities, I enjoy making beats and music with friends, playing piano, designing and making clothing and binge watching TV. Now that Game of Thrones is over for now, Stranger Things season two can’t come fast enough. Overall, I’m hoping to get the most out of my final semester here in Chico by making an impact in the program and having fun while doing it.


Brittany York

Nutrition Mentor

Brittany is a senior nutrition student with an option in General Dietetics. She is from Ventura County, California and is studying to become a registered dietitian. Brittany currently works as a Community Nutrition Assistant at the Center for Healthy Communities and is starting a clinical nutrition externship at Enloe Medical Center’s Cardiac Rehab Center. She also directs and choreographs for Momentum Chico State Dance. In her free time, Brittany enjoys dancing, cooking, and going to the beach.


Carina Chiodo

Nutrition Mentor

Carina is in her final year of graduate school in the Nutrition & Food Science program, upon which she hopes to pursue a dietetic internship after graduating. She’s a Bay Area native (Go Warriors!), with an undergraduate background in English and Psychology, as well as previous job experiences in culinary journalism. She’s spent a lot of her graduate career doing research on mindful eating, attending Chico’s weekly farmer’s market, and being one of Jon & Bon’s Yogurt Shoppe’s most loyal customers (definitely at least the top 5%).


Janelle Mello

Nutrition Mentor

Janelle is in her last semester at Chico State as a Nutrition and Food Science program with an option in Communications.  She is the Events Coordinator of the new club, Cultured. The fermentation club. She enjoys cooking and experimenting with food, being active, crafting and tending to her herb garden. Post graduation, she hopes to teach and educate through wellness programs and workshops.


Jessica Ekstrum

Nutrition Mentor

Jessica comes to us from Yuba City and is in her last semester at Chico State as a Nutrition and Food Science major with the option in Dietetics. She is currently striving to become a clinical dietitian. But for now, she works as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor at the Yuba City Racquet Club. She also loves volunteering at her local Diabetes Research Center. Jessica enjoys indoor rock climbing, hiking, traveling, and anything to get her outdoors!


Perla Romero

Nutrition Mentor

My name is Perla Romero, I am a graduating senior studying Nutrition and Food Science with an option in Dietetics. On my free time I enjoy cooking, hiking, and painting. My goal after I graduate is to pursue a master's degree and become a Registered Dietitian. I am very excited to be a mentor for FitU this semester. I love what this program represents  and I am eager to join students in their journey to discovering and embracing a healthy relationship with food and exercise.


Taryn Fortunati

Nutrition Mentor

Taryn Fortunati is a senior nutrition student in her last year of the Dietetics program, is also double majoring in Psychology, and hopes to become a Registered Dietitian in the future. She has been an officer for the nutrition club on campus, worked at an eating disorder treatment facility over the summer, and is currently a community nutrition assistant at the Center for Healthy Communities. In her free time she enjoys hiking, cooking, spending time with friends & family at her grandma’s cabin, and playing with her cat, Molly.