Conservation Tips

Computer & Lab Equipment

  • Turn off all personal computers and monitors that are not being used. Monitors use a large amount of power and can be turned off without losing your information or logging off your computer
  • Turn off the monitors in computer labs at the end of each class. At the end of day, turn off all equipment. Monitors and computers are not damaged by turning them on and off
  • Turn off all other non-essential IT equipment, including printers, scanners, copiers and other peripheral equipment
  • Check your computer software to make sure the power save function is initiated
  • Turn off all test and laboratory equipment that is not being used

Other Equipment

  • Turn off coffee makers when not in use.
  • Unplug all cellular phone chargers.
  • Unplug all other desk and office equipment such as clocks, radios, electric pencil sharpeners and mug warmers.
  • Do not turn off refrigerators, but, consider sharing your refrigerator with another department's refrigerator and then unplug the one that is no longer being used.


  • Turn off all unnecessary lights. Do not use candles for illumination.
  • Turn off the classroom lights at the end of the class. Even if another class is due to use the room in ten minutes, please leave the lights off until you are ready to begin.
  • Appoint building marshals to turn off lights and computers if practical.
  • Reduce usage of hallway lighting when possible.
  • Turn off lights in areas that have adequate natural light sources.

Reduction of Usage Ideas

  • Set thermostats in those buildings with individual thermostats to 68 degrees for heating and not less than 78 degrees for cooling.
  • During the winter, blinds and window coverings should be opened to allow for sunlight to help heat the buildings. In the summer, blinds should be left shut to keep the buildings cool.
  • In order to prevent loss of conditioned air, keep all doors and windows shut.
  • Minimize the use of elevators.
  • Minimize hot water usage.
  • Business hours should be observed as closely as possible. (8am-5 pm Mon-Fri during the academic year and 7am-5:30pm Mon-Thurs during the Summer).

Future Planning for Conservation

  • Upgrade all refrigerators to energy efficient models.
  • Purchase Energy Star office equipment.
  • Use LCD screens.
  • Purchase monitors with flat screens.
  • Install UPS units on PC's.