Facilities Management and Services primary function is to maintain the campus buildings, building systems, and environs. This maintenance is broken into three categories.

Routine Maintenance: Everyday maintenance and repair to buildings or building systems. The University receives funding, on a square footage basis, for custodial maintained areas. Funding includes custodial and grounds services, replacement of lighting lamps, door hardware, plumbing fixtures, fleet maintenance, etc.

Scheduled Maintenance:  Periodic maintenance and repair to buildings or building systems which exceeds typical routine maintenance. The Chancellor's Office provides funding for scheduled maintenance separate from routine maintenance funding. Funding amounts vary from year to year and projects completed using these funds are reported in the annual Scheduled Maintenance Report. Typical scheduled maintenance would include repairs to electrical, plumbing, or HVAC systems which require replacement of components as part of the repair, the 12/8 painting cycle, cleaning of roofs and drains, etc.

Deferred Maintenance: Maintenance, repair, or replacement on a building or building system which has been postponed due to a lack of resources. (Example: The patching of a roof rather than the replacement of a roof that has exceeded the life expectancy of the roofing system.)