Building Permit Procedure

Which projects require a building permit?


Most projects on campus are constructed by Facilities Management and Services or contracted out under our supervision.  For these projects, the Building Permit process is internal and the “customer” does not need to be involved.  However, campus departments or auxiliaries that propose to undertake a building project with their own resources or contract out the work must obtain a Building Permit through Facilities Management and Services.  If the project requires a Building Permit, a Pending Building Permit form will automatically be sent to the requestor with full instructions on what is required.  The building permit process IS NOT a process to request work from Facilities Management and Services.  The Project Request Form (PRF) is the process used for defining the project and obtaining campus approvals.  


 Purpose and Background


The purpose of the Building Permit procedure is to formalize the process for construction projects.  This procedure ensures that all project planning and code compliance reviews performed by various departments, committees and auxiliaries are completed prior to initiating the actual construction. Compliance with the California Building Code (CBC) for construction projects is the responsibility of the Facilities Management and Services department at California State University, Chico.  As a state institution, California State University, Chico does not fall under the jurisdiction of any local building department.  The University is self-enforced for building code compliance and works closely with the State Fire Marshal and the Division of the State Architect, Access Compliance to conform to Title 19 and Title 24 requirements.  Facilities Management and Services strives to ensure that all constructions projects are:

  • Compliant with laws and regulations
  • A safe environment for faculty, staff, students and the community
  • Compliant with the University Master Plan
  • Reviewed to identify the full expense of the project and ensure that funding is authorized prior to construction

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